Chosen by home cooks & chefs.

Durable: Lasts a lifetime.
Gentle: Won't mar cookware.
Sanitary: Hardwood fights bacteria.
Crafted: A pleasure to own & use.

What people have said. 

"You make amazing products!!"

"...they are our favourite gift to give family & hostesses wherever we go."

"....indispensible tools we use daily..."

"We love your products: a stylish, eco-responsible and civilized way to cook & eat."

Sustainability In Action

Sustainability at Littledeer


Littledeer Tools are designed and manufactured in Quebec using hard maple. All utensils are shaped, sanded and signed by hand. Littledeer fluid-dynamic Cooking Paddles™ are the best in class among functional, enduring wooden spoons and spatulas, appreciated by home cooks and professional chefs alike.

Our Pledge — We guarantee high quality, durable utensils that with proper care, can last for generations.

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