We guarantee high quality, durable cooking utensils that with proper care, can last for generations.

Ecodrummers Value Statement

At the same time as launching Leading Edge Designs, we committed ourselves to using Nature gently and aiming to protect it. We started Ecodrummers in 1984 as a banner under which to donate a percentage of our time and our profit to different earth-friendly organizations.

We are a family business. We use recycled materials whenever possible. We use every scrap of wood, and compost our sawdust to grow mushrooms. Our work is a reflection of life: in tune with the seasons; growing, preserving, and preparing good food. We encourage healthy living and sustainable working habits in a respectful, flexible and compassionate workplace. We aim to constantly be learning and perfecting our craft.

In 2010 we became the largest privately-operated small business producing solar energy in Quebec. Our lives are implicated in innumerable ways in sustainable growth, permaculture and carbon sequestration.