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Tom Littledeer

Tom Littledeer is an inventor and designer who learned woodworking and building by apprenticing to his father, a machinist and craftsman. Growing up in a family of good cooks, he also prepared food creatively from a very young age. He discovered a passion for fluid dynamics while simultaneously studying Pure and Applied Science and taking flying lessons. Pulling these skills and interests together, in 1991 he invented the Pot Scoop, the first fluid dynamic cooking utensil.


Among Tom's many inventions...
Canoe paddle - 1986 Scree-G - 1987 PAR-A-SOL Shelter - 1991 Pot Scoop - 1993 Half-Sheller - 2008



In 1984, Tom Littledeer hypothesized that a non-flat, scoop-shaped paddle would make canoeing easier. He designed and tested a variety of different models with canoeists and at the National Research Council. When The Stow Canoe Company in Vermont decided to produce his original paddle, Tom made a series of miniature promotional paddles for the launch. Some of these found their way into the kitchen, where his mother and wife agreed they were "naj bolje za kuhati" -- "great for cooking". These first Scoop Paddles evolved into the Pot Scoop.

In 1992, Tom gave left-handed pot scoops as Christmas presents to friends who found his specifically right-handed cooking tools "backward". Handwritten and telephone orders from left-handers began to come in due to word of mouth. Right-handed orders followed.

Littledeer Paddle Story

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In Spring 1995, the Pot Scoop, and four other Mapleware® cooking paddles, handmade by Tom Littledeer, were introduced at the One Of A Kind Show in Toronto. Sales to gourmet stores and kitchen boutiques began the following year.

The Mapleware line has since expanded to include an extensive selection of comfortable, multi-purpose cooking, serving and eating utensils, all made of heat-enduring, beautiful, hard maple. Littledeer has also created Slat Bags, household cleaning tools, sporting equipment, greenhouses, and industrial shelters; however, Mapleware is his best-known product.


Value Statement: Ecodrummers

At the same time as launching Leading Edge Designs, we committed ourselves to using nature gently and aiming to protect it. We started Ecodrummers as a means to give back and donate a percentage of our profit to earth-friendly organizations every year.

We are a family business. We use recycled materials whenever possible. We use every scrap of wood, and compost sawdust to grow mushrooms. Our work is a reflection of life: in tune with the seasons; growing, preserving, and preparing good food. We encourage healthy living and sustainable working habits in a respectful, flexible and compassionate workplace. We aim to constantly be learning and perfecting our craft.

In 2010 we became the largest privately-operated small business producing solar energy in Quebec.